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River of Men/Rio de Homens.

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"I discovered the photographer Alair Gomes and understood that the Man of the Beach has been an object of desire for a long time. However, I wanted to embellish this voyeuristic vision of the men with surreal elements, such as birds and the animal or flower heads. With the manipulated photography I leave the idea of a Beauty that disappears in the sea or in the forest, like the idea of Masculinity, an idea that changes with the times as a cultural construction."

(Introduction by Pablo Lara H)

River of Men/Rio de Homens.

Technical Details: 62 pages 20 x 20 cm., closed
Front cover Papel Duo Design paper 250g/m²
Inner pages in Glossy Couche paper 150g/m²
Front cover with matt finish lamination
Hot-melt binding First edition

Man with sunga on the beach with swan and hummingbird with fog as head
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